News of the World Now on the Net

Internet offers news Web sites as CNN, major newspapers go online

By David P. Vandagriff
Do-It-Yourself Newspaper
If no single news source can bring you all you need to know, you'll want to try CRAYON, an acronym for Create Your Own Newspaper, CRAYON automates the process of constructing a personalized Web--based newspaper. You simply choose from a long list of online news sources by checking boxes. Sources are indexed under such topics as U.S. news, world news, business, entertainment, etc.

After you select your favorite news sources, CRAYON puts together your individualized Web newspaper. You save the file and whenever you load it, it's ready to take you instantly to your preferred news sources. Depending on your selections, the "paper" will include a current weather map for your city and whatever comics you enjoy.

-Aba Journal
December 1995
p. 83