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WEEK OF 8/7/95

CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper) is a fantastic place for anyone who wishes to stay current on the news, but does not have an extensive list of links to news sources. I admit, when I first visited the site, I thought it was a tool for creating a newspaper with content provided by the user. But actually, it is an ingenious way to build a vast (or half-vast) collection of links to news sources of all types. Here's how it works: You visit the page, and create a name for your "newspaper". You then select which media sources you want, from a tremendous list. If you like, you can simply choose all the links with one mouse click. When you submit your form, CRAYON automatically generates a bookmark file of the links you chose. You can then download the list and keep it as a second bookmark file, or you can incorporate it into your existing bookmark file. Be sure to read the browser specific instructions first.

Name: CRAYON (Create Your Own Newspaper)



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