Our Awards!

We've been completely overwhelmed with the response that CRAYON has received and we are truly appreciative of all the positive comments you've sent us.

We don't mean to brag, but here's a history of CRAYON's awards, announcements, and publicity.

  1. March 16, 1995:
  2. March 16: comp.infosystems.www.announce
  3. March 17: Mario's Pick of the Week
  4. March 23: UK Guardian - Jack Schofield's NetWatch column in the OnLine section
  5. March 29: NewsBytes - cited in Computer Currents
  6. April 2: "Web Site of the Week" [chocolate]
  7. April 3: NCSA What's New Page
  8. April 6: Info World Critchely report on eWorld
  9. April 7: NetWorks Funky Site of the Day
  10. April 14: Interview with Will Gearhart from some L.A. Radio Station (did anybody hear this?)
  11. April 18: Netscape's "What's Cool"
  12. April 21: Spider's Pick of the Day
  13. April 23: Seeress' Vision
  14. April 27: Washington Post CyberSurfing feature Page D7 - Home Delivery
  15. April 28: The Scout Report
  16. May 2: Eva's Pick of the Week
  17. May 3: Reuters Wire Service
  18. May 10: Albany Times Union - "Cool Website of the Week"
  19. May 14: John Byczkowski's (syndicated Cincinnati Enquirer writer) column - cited in The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH.
  20. May 16: Bucknell University Press Release
  21. May 28: Dave Farrell's (syndicated Detroit News writer) column - cited in The Concord Monitor, Concord, NH.
  22. June 2: The Chronicle of Higher Education
  23. June 22: James Derk's (syndicated Evnasville Courier writer) column - cited in The South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN.
  24. July 28: BATech Catch of the day
  25. July 30: Blue Plate Special Web Pick of the Day
  26. August 7: Marshall's Hot links pick of the Week - Writeup
  27. September: Internet World - "News Paperless" by Reid Goldsborough
  28. October: TV Internet (Japanese TV show)
  29. October: PointCom Review - Top 5% of all Web sites
  30. October: Internet Magazine, p. 67
  31. October 19: Get Out Magazine (in St. Louis Post-Dispatch) - Stay In column by James Cook
  32. October 26: The Online Bucknellian - "CRAYON makes news interactive" p. 1
  33. November 30: Rolling Stone - "Frequently asked questions about the World Wide Web", p. 27
  34. December: Living Digital (magazine on Prodigy)
  35. December: ABA (American Bar Association) Journal - "News of the World Now on the Internet", p. 83
  36. December: Magellan (McKinley's Internet Directory) Featured site
  37. December 10: The Seattle Times - Personal Technology Section
  38. January, 1996: NetGuide Magazine, p. 134. 4-star rating.
  39. January 3: CRAYON is released at
  40. January 15: Mr. Media - "Forest Green"
  41. January 25: The Daily Northwestern's WebExtra - "CRAYON delivers the future of newspapers"
  42. February 11: Hit the Beach!'s Wave of the Day
  43. February: Telecommunications Magazine
  44. March: Websight Magazine Hot pick for News and Weather
  45. March 3: Net Surfin' Selected Surf Spot
  46. March 4: Bald Guy's Cool Multimedia Site of the Week
  47. March 11: Web Pioneer "FamilyClick of the Week"
  48. April 17: AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night
  49. July 15: WebPointers Revew - "Organizing Your Files? Get Out the Crayon!"
  50. July 15: Blue Web'n Hot Site of the Week
  51. July 20: Review in The Economist
  52. July 27: Review on Philadelphia TV station
  53. August: The Virginian-Pilot (We're the " Northern Virginia Internet-services company" and the page is our Cool Cool Site of the Day of the Day).
  54. August 3: WWW Platinum Selection
  55. August 8: Cool Tool
  56. August 9: MACWORLD Expo/Your Personal Net NetBest Award in the News & Money Category
  57. August 11: The Washington Post - "It's the Personal Touch That Counts on the Internet", p. F21
  58. August 14: Access to the World Cool Link of the Week
  59. September: Fast Company- "All the news that fits you" p. 130
  60. September 2: Mr. Media - Lookin' for something cool.
  61. September 9: Scholastic Electronic Learning's Top Ten web sites
  62. September 21: Internet Roadkill - IRK Award
  63. October: Discovery Channel's Cyberlife: (5.5 MB QuickTime movie)
  64. October: Suite 101- Best of Web
  65. November: CyberTeddy!- Top 500 WebSite Award
  66. December: HOME PC Magazine (Brazil) - p. 30
  67. January 1: YPN Top 100 sites of 1996
  68. January 1: NetGuide Platinum Site
  69. January 13: BusinessWeek - Best New Products/Web Sites
  70. January 29: WorldVillage - Family Site of the Day
  71. February: MacWorld: "All News, All the Time" p. 173
  72. February: Luckman Interactive - 4-Star Award
  73. March 30-April 5: Scenic Site of the Week
  74. August: PC World: Best of the Net
  75. August 21: The Wall Street Journal: Personal Technology - "Here's an Easy Way to Get Rid Of Annoying Browser Promos
  76. October 15: Snap! Online Best of the Web
    "Fueled by the enormous growth of the Web and the steadily rising cost of paper, the future of daily newspapers has been a hot topic lately. Consequently, editors have been rushing to adapt their newspapers to the Internet. For the most part, though, Web editions of the dailies simply mirror their print cousins. Enter Crayon. This ambitious site allows the online media junkie to customize his own personal newspaper. By providing a host of news-related links, Crayon places U.S. and local news, weather, business, sports, arts, entertainment and even the comics, at one's fingertips. And by keeping resources as diverse as the Associated Press news wire and ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry's Guide to Cybersleaze in one convenient place, Crayon makes the wealth of information drifting through cyberspace personable, and more importantly, manageable."
  77. April 14, 1998: Netsurfer Digest Vol 4, #14
  78. April 16, 1998: The New York Times "A Free Personal Shopper for Internet News Hounds" by J. D. Biersdorfer
  79. Spring 1999: NetSchools Resources for Special Education Teachers - Top Special education web site.
  80. Summer 2000: Community Newspaper Publishers - Cool web site, "noteworthy site for your surfing pleasure".
  81. February 2000: Center for Women and Enterprise - Top News Clipping Service
  82. September 2000: Library of Congress - Top Personalized News Resource.
  83. January 2001: HomeSchool Top 100 Web Site
  84. Summer 2001: Media Awareness Network - Fave Sites Archives
  85. March 2002: The New York City Board of Education - Top Links for Educators
Please mail us if you've seen CRAYON mentioned somewhere else.

Of course, if you really want to reward us, cash prizes will not be refused. :-)

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